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Dear Colleagues,



We would like to inform that descriptive sheets for PATH indicators in 2009/2010 data collection phase are available to download and use at public domain. Though now it is the responsibility of country coordinators to develop data collection sheets, we still provide some exemplary forms for some indicators. They are mentioned in the descriptive sheets and you can find them to download in the zipped file together with descriptive sheets. The descriptive sheets for PATH indicators will be placed both in public domain and in users' domain. Only users will be able to download the descriptive sheets in the editable format.


The descriptive sheets are the result of our common work with special input from Erika Takács, Jasna Mesaric, Jane Alop, Paula Adam and Joe Schembri. We are also grateful to Ann-Lise Guisset and work done by Johan Kjergaard.


Additionally, regarding use of blood components indicator, Croatia has kindly offered assistance regarding practical advice and providing analysis of collected indicators' data for country coordinators. If country coordinators would be interested, please contact dr. Jasna Mesaric directly ( with copy to us (PATH International Secretariat). In Croatia they are planning  to do pilot study (in February - one month) to see how it is going in practice and also do pilot statistic analysis.





Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions and inquiries.



Best regards,

Ewa Dudzik-Urbaniak, Ewa Wojtowicz

on behalf on

PATH International Secretariat Team


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