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PATH events

The Vienna Conference on Performance Assessment in Hospitals

was held on July 3rd and 4th 2008 and attended by 150 participants from 30 countries. It was organized by WHO Europe, WHO CC Krakow, IQMS and the University of Vienna, the latter two of whom were indeed grand hosts. The event was an excellent opportunity for the PATH community gathering, which welcomed many newcomers who expressed their interest in the model.

The Vienna PATH conference provided a forum for exchange among experts, academicians, and PATH users and to present PATH to potential interested parties. The most valued participants were country and hospital coordinators, who came forward to share and learn from their experiences and reflections. The relations and interactions initiated in Vienna will hopefully translate into sustainable commitment to performance measurement for improvement with PATH or any other available model.

The speakers and presenters highlighted the issues of complexity of performance measurement, the challenges ahead and the variety of solutions proposed in the different settings. They also discussed how to move forward and develop creative and custom-made solutions, assure accountability and transparency, define the scope of use of indicators, incentives for improvement, roles and responsibilities of the different stakeholders in performance, and, most of all, the future of PATH.

We shared and reflected on PATH developments in the past; Jeremy Veillard and Ann- Lise Guisset from the WHO Regional Office for Europe provided an overview of what PATH might look like in the future.

Thus, PATH'09 will take on the role of intensive in-country work with a modified set of indicators, data collection and analysis on the national level. It will carefully plan and implement improvement activities. With the new countries involved, it will be exciting to see how PATH can contribute to performance management and quality improvement in different hospitals in a country. PATH?09 will be positioned to fit one's own national context.

All the above may be found in the final conference document, and the Vienna Statement on Performance Assessment which is included in this Newsletter.

Presentations from the PATH Vienna conference are available at

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